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Happy Birthday to The Daniel Plan! by Shellie Loughry

Yes! THE PLACE Daniel Plan was born at the end of April 2014! It is 1 year old now and started out strong, remained strong, and is now stronger than ever!

During the last year we have seen many life changes being made, some small and some HUGE! But that is the glory of The Daniel you do not have to change over night, you can start out with baby steps making simple little changes or you can take it by storm and make changes by leaps and bounds! It is all up to each individual!

The Daniel Plan was sparked at THE PLACE by one individual that wanted to make one little change in their life, and that was to become healthy. That individuals spark to change spread like wildfire to others who all wanted the same thing, to become healthy, and that my friends is how The Daniel Plan at THE PLACE was born and still sparking others from all around THE PLACE Church and in our community!

The funny thing is that is pretty much how it all started with Pastor Rick Warren and his congregation! Check out his story:

During an afternoon of baptizing over 800 people, Pastor Rick Warren realized it was time for change. He told his congregation he needed to lose weight and asked if anyone wanted to join him. He thought maybe 200 people would sign up, instead he witnessed a movement unfold as 15,000 people lost over 260,000 pounds in the first year. With assistance from medical and fitness experts, Pastor Rick and thousands of people began a journey to transform their lives.

Here’s the secret sauce: The Daniel Plan is designed to be done in a supportive community relying on God’s instruction for living.

Amazing Story by Rick Warren author of The Daniel Plan! Although THE PLACE is a much smaller church than Rick Warrens church, it is wonderful to know that we have very similar stories! Read more here!

THE PLACE Daniel Plan just wrapped up their 4th Season! Yes! What an amazing season this has been! We have several people that have lost weight, become far more healthier than they could ever imagine, and have accomplished things that they never thought possible!

The Daniel Plan is even more than all that, it is also about the friendships that are made and the happiness that is shared when one accomplishes something, or the tears that are shed when one needs love and support.

During this 4th season of The Daniel Plan there are two major accomplishments we would like to share with you and here they are!

‘Guess what I have lost over 50 lbs!’ Congratulations Craig Melfi you are an amazing inspiration to each of us!

‘Oh My Goodness I DID IT! I ran my first 5K and did it in 38:28 minutes, my goal was under 40 minutes and I  finished 82 in a pack 168, at a pace of 12:23! This was a major ceiling buster for me. As Pastor Greg has said ‘the high is the doing of it.’ Boy do I have a high! I must say I thank GOD for being there and providing friends like Craig, and Pastor Greg, and the Daniel Plan friends. WE all say it but in my case it’s true IF I CAN DO IT…. SO CAN YOU! So get off the side lines and come join us, the pain is overcome by the joy and high you WILL recieve!’ Wow Congratulations Roy Fegley! You are Amazing!

So as you can see the Daniel Plan is going strong. It did wrap up a 4th Season and will be starting Season 5 very soon! Ask yourself am I ready to make a change and am I ready to accomplish something amazing! If you are then please stop by the Information Center and we would love to get you started on your journey to great health.

Remember you can do all things through Christ who will strengthen you! Welcome to The Daniel Plan!


Church Video Announcements: Inspiration and Examples (video)

At THE PLACE Church, we always have a ton of stuff going on. I mean activity after activity after activity after… (well, you get the picture). We are always looking to take it to the next level and get the word out to our congregation. One way that we do that is through our announcements.

This week, as I was searching for some Youtube wisdom, stumbled across this great video. If you are looking to take your church announcements to the next level… check this out:

I hope that will help you STEP IT UP SON!

Much Love!


Looking for something to read? Here are some books that Pastor Greg wrote. Enjoy! 

5 Keys to Common Sense Biblical Counseling

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of counseling where you need a plaque on the wall to do it. I’m talking about the “‘down and dirty’ representing Jesus to help someone” kind of counseling. As Christians, we are called to be available to help others throughout life.

Let me give you five quick keys to making sure that your Biblical Counseling time is fruitful:

Key #1: Keep Christ First and Last

If you are going to sit down and provide someone with counsel, make sure that you start and end the time in prayer. This is the moment where you can invite the Holy Spirit to be part of the conversation. Ask Him to lead the conversation and help you hear what needs to be heard. Too often we just dive right in without taking time to pray. Take a few minutes to focus on God… it will make all the difference in the world.

Key #2: Listen More Than You Talk

This simple key has revolutionized my ability to counsel. There is something about silence that makes us want to fill it. I get uncomfortable when no one is saying anything so I try to fill it with words. When counseling, you need to embrace the silence. Sometimes, the silence allows the opportunity for the person you are counseling to say what they normally avoid saying. Don’t be afraid to sit, be silent and let THEM fill the void.

Key #3: Don’t Excuse Behavior or Make Excuses for Them

In the past, I would find myself trying to defend or “make sense” of people’s situations. This is not my responsibility. Trust me… people can make enough excuses for themselves and they don’t need my help. I am not here to justify mistakes or actions that they have done, but simply hear them through. Bite your tongue next time and don’t let yourself make excuses.

Key #4: Delineate Between the Need for an Ear and the Need for Advice

Sometimes people just want someone to listen to them. In fact, I’ve found that some people can actually come up with great conclusions for their lives by simply hearing themselves speak. Others, however, need an action plan or steps to apply to their lives by you. As you are counseling them, try to keep an ear open to what their need is. This can happen by asking them near the end of your time, “What are you going to do with what we talked about?” If they don’t have an answer, this may the moment for your two cents.

Key #5: Don’t Tell Them What to Do, But Allow Them to Search Scripture and Pray to Make Decisions

In Biblical Counseling, I want to point people to the Bible and Prayer. God wants to speak to His children. He wants to lead them in their decisions. The more that I can get someone to focus their heart, mind and attention on God… the more wisdom they will be able to attain from Him. This will happen, sometimes, by opening up the Bible and pointing to verses that deal with the subject of the counseling time. It can also come from giving them portions of scripture to read, think about and commit to memory. Point them towards spiritual action and you allow them to develop strong, healthy habits.

There it is! A few keys to help you help others. Now, get out there and get busy helping people make great decisions and find wholeness in their hearts and lives.

– Pastor Greg

Remnant Youth Ministry


Hey guys, Pastor Jeremy here. I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update on what’s going on with our Remnant Youth Ministry. We’ve been averaging over 30 kids every week, and have an amazing group of teen leaders! We have youth helping out in many areas of the church including kids ministry, worship, first impressions, and in the sound booth.

I am very excited about our current message series. We have been spending the last few weeks talking about purity. It has been an amazing time where we have discussed purity of the soul, purity of the body, and purity of the mind. We started off talking about purity of the soul, because we believe that purity in our lives starts by being right with God. Then we moved on to purity of the body where we talked about some of the issues kids will deal with. We discussed drugs and alcohol, body image, and sexual relationships. We will be following this up with purity of the mind, which one really delve into the way we think about purity in out lives. Now this is where you can help out. At the end of the series we want all of the kids to make a purity pledge, and have a special ceremony where they will all receive purity rings. We have kids from a wide range of home situations. Some of these families cannot afford these rings. If you would be willing to help sponsor a youth so they can receive a ring we would love to have your support. If you are interested please contact me at or call me at 520-518-0742.

Thank you so much for your prayers in your support. Continue to pray as we move forward and complete the series.

Four Services on Easter Sunday at THE PLACE: Sunrise, 8:30, 9:45 or 11:15am

THE PLACE Church has many options for our faith community in Wickenburg on Easter Sunday. Come celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior on Sunday, April 20th.


We would love to have you come join us at one of our services to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, April 20th. 

Start the day off at 6am with a Sunrise Service at beautiful Standing Stones located at 44020 W. Hwy. 60 going towards Aguila approximately 15.5 miles out of Wickenburg.

Or, if you want to sleep in,  join us for a special Easter Service at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:15 am at The Place Church at 885 America St.

We hope to see you there!

Clean Comedy Comes to Wickenburg! Proceeds Benefit CAP Office and Pregnancy Center.

We are proud to announce that the “CrossEyed Comedy Tour” is coming to Wickenburg!


That’s right! Three comedians, clean comedy and a night of laughter are all coming to the Wickenburg Community Center on Friday, March 21st. The best part is that the cost is only $10 a ticket and all the proceeds go to benefit the Wickenburg CAP Office and the Wickenburg Pregnancy Center. (Space is limited, so buy your tickets today. Click here.) 


For more information, contact THE PLACE Church at 928.671.0727 or email 


“Delete Snapchat” Author in Wickenburg on March 30th!

Blog Author, Speaker and all around world changer, Adam McLane, will be in Wickenburg, Arizona to share the truth behind social media in our culture today. In addition to speaking at all three services on Sunday morning, Adam will also be hosting a free parent seminar on the truth behind their kids and social media. You will be amazed at the world that has opened up for your children and teens. 


Come See Adam at any of the following times: 

8:30am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

9:45am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

11:15am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

2:00pm: Wickenburg Christian Academy, 260 W. Yavapai St., Wickenburg, AZ

For more information, contact THE PLACE Church office at 928.671.0727 or by email at 

THE PLACE takes over old Tattoo Shop in Wickenburg

I am so excited to announce that THE PLACE is taking over the old tattoo shop at 854 West Wickenburg Way!

New Church OfficesNew Church Offices

This will become the new site of our church offices and the new home of “Logos Spiritual Library”. This Spiritual Library has thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, and more that are available for check out to those in the town. As a church we believe that the entire community should be shaped spiritually by our presence in it. Because of this, we can’t wait to finish renovations so that the library will have regular hours throughout the week. Check out some of the current photos.

Future Logos/Coffee-shop SiteFuture Logos/Coffee-shop Site
IMG_1694Future Logos/Coffee-shop Site
Future Kids Section of LogosFuture Kids Section of Logos
Future Office AreaFuture Office Area
Unfinished Offices in Rear of BuildingUnfinished Offices in Rear of Building    

Please continue to pray for us as we work hard to improve our community and shine the light of Jesus to the world! We are continuing to be good stewards with all that He brings us and leverage our resources for the Kingdom! We couldn’t do it without each of you!

Thank you for standing with us.