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TV Family #4: Flesh on Bone

Pastor Greg from THE PLACE will help us put flesh on the bones of family. In the past three messages, a foundation or structure has been laid. Now, in the first of the final two messages, we will begin to look at the practical application of God’s Word to our families. From plate spinning to mechanics working on used cars, we will look at practical life examples that illuminate the wonderful truths about family found in the word of God


TV Family #1: Cracked, Crumbling and Crooked (audio)

Join THE PLACE as we begin a brand new series all around the subject of FAMILY. We will be looking at TV FAMILY and for our first message, we will dig all the way to the foundation of what our family is built upon. From the little town of Mayberry and an encounter with Barney Fife to a man covered from head to toe with open sores, we will journey on this subject of foundation together.

God is Not Good… Or is He? (Video)

There is a common discussion right now that is centered around the idea that the existence of evil in the world negates the goodness of God. In other words, if God is all powerful and strong, how and WHY does He allow evil to happen.

Why do children starve while dictators feast?
Why do people die from terrible illnesses?
Why do tragedies visit every town and city around the globe?
Why… (fill in the blank)?

The question is ancient and is reignited every evening as the newscasters spew every crime and injustice committed on earth into our living rooms each night. So, we wrestle and eventually the question overwhelms us and we begin to ask, “Can God really be good?”

The answer? Hmmmm. Let’s think for a minute…

(Click Play)

Now, I ask you a question. In the midst of pain and tragedy and injustice… is God still good?

I vote YES!

Much Love,

THE PLACE is back in CyberSpace (links)

Well, looking back at the history of THE PLACE I can honestly say that we were ahead of our time. We were streaming live in our very first days. I remember nestled in our 800 square foot church for 2 people who showed up to our horribly planned 4:30pm Saturday service and preaching my heart out. This message was being sent to the world through the internet and because you could only see me, you would have thought that I was preaching to 1,000 people. Needless to say, we never had any crowd shots!

This is NOT the video camera we used.

We have now returned to live streaming and are very happy that so many of our friends around the world will be able to tune in and worship with us each week. In addition to actual services, we will also be streaming important meetings that we will be having so people who can’t come out, can still tune in and be part of the stream of information. In fact, they will be able to tune in with their own opinions through on online chat that is available to online viewers.

The easiest way to stay in tune to what is going on at the church online is to simply *Join Crowd*. It is so simple.

1. Follow this link to the Ustream webpage
2. Click the *Join Crowd* button
3. Put in your email

That’s it! It is as easy as one… two… three.

If you are unable to come on out this Sunday, feel free to tune in for the services. We are on in Arizona time (no daylight savings) and currently air at 9a and 1045a. Starting on Sept 18, 2011 we will go to three showings at 8:30a, 9:45a and 11:15a. We look forward to having you be part of our online church.

The Belief that Saved My Life (video)

Looking back at life, I am so thankful for all of the experiences and things that I have been able to experience. But… there is one pivotal moment that changed my life forever. After this experience I was NEVER the same again. And this was the moment that I committed my life to follow after Jesus. It was the best decision of my life.

A lot of people don’t know exactly what that means or they are confused about what it means to be a Christian. I agree, you could go into 10 different ‘churches’ and they are as different as the colors of poo at a Skittles convention, but it all comes back to a base belief. There is a foundation that we choose to build our lives upon. There is a reality and a belief that is directly linked to the greatest truth of all time.

Take two minutes to watch this video and hear about this reality that changed my life forever. If you want, your life can be changed too. To learn more, just comment and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Much Love,

"I Think the Man Upstairs is a Lover"…

Greetings! Well, I just returned from the beautiful state of Washington as I was able to see the fertile soil of a state that is probably the polar opposite of my home state of Arizona. However, even after the culture and weather shock, I can honestly say that I loved it. Not for any other reason but that I could sense the hand of God moving my every step and guiding me through encounters and discussions that were slowly affecting me in a miraculous way.

I could go through all of these encounter in great detail, but I will save that for another day. But, I will tell you about my last night in Olympia. I was at my friend Eddy’s house and he has a guy living there by the name of Jeff (who everyone called “Hef-Ay”. Why? I have no idea.) Jeff is a missionary… or a lover of Jesus… whichever is better. He reaches out at a college called ‘Evergreen’. I don’t know too much about the school, but I do know that whenever I mention Jesus and Evergreen in the same sentence, the response is normally a grin or a huff under the breath like these two words don’t belong together like ‘blow torch’ and ‘suntanning’. But, he is there and his goal is simple ~ reach out with the love of Jesus to people who may be vehemently opposed to the very message that he is sharing. However, he still continues to share it.

Well, back to the last night. Eddy and Jeff are music people. They are talented and have some great eclectic musical skills. (One night I came back there and Jeff had an accordion strapped to his chest. Eclectic for sure.) On the last night we chose to jam. Passing around guitars and bongos and a tambourine connected to a kick stand, I thought… this must have been what 1968 was like. (without the ganja smoke of course). We played and played until Eddy asked Jeff to play that one song he played the other night. I had never heard the song, but as soon as Jeff strapped on the “Bob Dylan”esque harmonica holder around his neck I couldn’t wait. He started to sing…

“Met a man who said
he had the secret to life…”

I looked back at my stay in Washington and started to think that I was tapping into something great. Maybe I was starting to get a fuller understanding of what this life was all about. The conversations that I had in the past few days… the deep rich conversations that made you think were bubbling to the surface and I was pleased. The idea of friends sharing lives and their hearts and their struggles and their desires. There was something holy about that. There was something very special about that. I was sitting in it. I was there. My mind came back to the lyrics…

“Mama had a notion
She brought it to life
A simple explanation seemed right… seemed right
She said, ‘Son, I think the man… the man upstairs
He is a lover
And He’ll love us… yes, He’ll love us
Yes, He’ll love us
Even after we die…”

The words were real to me. I was learning love and grace and friendship and what it means to truly be led by the hand of God. Even though it is hard sometimes to be led, we need to trust the loving hands of God. He is leading us where He wants us to go. He will take us places we never thought we’d go to teach us things we never thought we’d learn to pour out into the lives of people we never thought we’d meet. This is the road of God. This is the path for all of us.

And I believe the words of “Hef-Ay”. I believe that the man upstairs is a lover. His love is amazing and has transformed my life and is continually transforming my life. And it is a love that isn’t only for me, but a love that is poured into one vessel with the expressed purpose of being poured out into another. I am honored to serve… breathe… live a life that honors this God of love.

Today, remember that God loves you. I love that the song says that God loves us even after we die. Death isn’t always the absence of breath. Some of us, right now, may feel like we are dead. We may be numb and broken and far from the hope of God. We may not even want to get out of bed in the morning. But I want you to know, that God loves us even after we die. And, the best news of all is that God is committed to bringing the dead back to life. Spend some time with Him and ask Him to bring your dead bones back to life. Leave a comment if you need prayer or some words of wisdom. God is alive, and His will is for you to be alive too!

Much love to my new friend “Hef-Ay”. You can check him out on ReverbNation. The song that I reference is called “The Journey: Part Two”. You will also hear some great harmonica ~ well worth your time!

Much Love, GP

Father's Day 2011 ~ Facing Fear and Achieving Greatness

We had a great Father’s Day service at THE PLACE. From 210 fathers losing their lives in a West Virginian mining disaster to the pen strokes of Richard Nixon, we look at the roots of Father’s Day and how it is a fairly new holiday. Then, we venture into the first chapter of Deuteronomy and the words of Moses to the Israelites. Everything from early morning prayer meetings to battered and bruised marathon runners are weaved together to give a perfect picture of living a full life with Christ.

JAMES: A Genuine Faith (Chapter 5)

This is the final message in our six week series on the book of James. We examine the fifth chapter of James and look at the beginning of the chapter and the end. What does a teenie bopper movie, a suicidal hospital patient and farming have to do with one another? Well, they are all in this message so buckle up and enjoy

JAMES: A Genuine Faith (Chapter 4)

James chapter four at THE PLACE fell on Memorial Day, so we take some time in this message to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms that we have each and every day. Then, we dive right into James 4 and glean some great advice on how to approach major life decisions that we have to make and a good way to measure our motives. You will also hear about airlines stewards, a monk from Assisi and a misinterpreted marital mishap. Enjoy!

JAMES: A Genuine Faith (Chapter 1)

We start our journey into our new series called “James: A Genuine Faith” at THE PLACE. For the next six weeks we will be taking a journey through the book of James; each week delving deeply into another chapter. In this opening message we hear the hard words of James as he talks about our reactions to trials that enter into our lives. We take a close look at our personal lives and a humorous look into the lives of some others. We end up at the end of James 1 ~ looking into the mirror of God’s Word. You are sure to enjoy this message as you are challenged and encouraged to live your life for God.