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Four Services on Easter Sunday at THE PLACE: Sunrise, 8:30, 9:45 or 11:15am

THE PLACE Church has many options for our faith community in Wickenburg on Easter Sunday. Come celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior on Sunday, April 20th.


We would love to have you come join us at one of our services to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, April 20th. 

Start the day off at 6am with a Sunrise Service at beautiful Standing Stones located at 44020 W. Hwy. 60 going towards Aguila approximately 15.5 miles out of Wickenburg.

Or, if you want to sleep in,  join us for a special Easter Service at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:15 am at The Place Church at 885 America St.

We hope to see you there!


Clean Comedy Comes to Wickenburg! Proceeds Benefit CAP Office and Pregnancy Center.

We are proud to announce that the “CrossEyed Comedy Tour” is coming to Wickenburg!


That’s right! Three comedians, clean comedy and a night of laughter are all coming to the Wickenburg Community Center on Friday, March 21st. The best part is that the cost is only $10 a ticket and all the proceeds go to benefit the Wickenburg CAP Office and the Wickenburg Pregnancy Center. (Space is limited, so buy your tickets today. Click here.) 


For more information, contact THE PLACE Church at 928.671.0727 or email 


“Delete Snapchat” Author in Wickenburg on March 30th!

Blog Author, Speaker and all around world changer, Adam McLane, will be in Wickenburg, Arizona to share the truth behind social media in our culture today. In addition to speaking at all three services on Sunday morning, Adam will also be hosting a free parent seminar on the truth behind their kids and social media. You will be amazed at the world that has opened up for your children and teens. 


Come See Adam at any of the following times: 

8:30am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

9:45am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

11:15am: THE PLACE Church, 885 America St. Wickenburg, AZ

2:00pm: Wickenburg Christian Academy, 260 W. Yavapai St., Wickenburg, AZ

For more information, contact THE PLACE Church office at 928.671.0727 or by email at 

Decisive Moments: 3 Recent Changes

Recently, at THE PLACE, we have made some changes that are proving to be decisive moments in our church body. They haven’t been major changes, but subtle shifts that have helped us make big decisions in the direction and future of the congregation. We believe that these decisions are Biblical and stand to help us follow the call of Jesus Christ in our community. Without any further ado, here are the changes and our commitments:

We are committed…

To Minimize Debt

We were recently at a crossroad where we could have taken on a significant amount a debt for a new facility. All the pieces were in place and the option was on the table, but there was an uneasiness in the hearts of the leaders to move forward. We made a decision that we are called to lead with the future in mind and, by stretching the congregation financially, we were putting the church on shaky ground.

We still believed that God could move and that God could do a miracle in the midst of that moment. But, we also knew that God had given us His principles throughout Scripture and His Holy Spirit to guide us. In that moment, we weren’t being guided to take on this debt. In fact, we were being guided to do just the opposite. We were being called to minimize debt, pray and watch God lead us to our next facility.

To Raise Up Leaders

We also saw the need for more leaders to be developed. This was two fold. On one end, we knew that we needed more leaders to do the work of the ministry. But, on the other end, we saw a hunger in the hearts of people to develop as leaders. We knew that we had to do something to “officially” teach and empower our church in the principles and concepts of Godly leadership. This led us into partnership with Portland Bible College.

We found a course entitled “Leading People” that was offered to be taught through lessons which were recorded during the actual classes at the college. In other words, we were able to offer “college level” courses to those interested in developing their leadership edge. We started this course last month and have received incredible feedback about the format and the wisdom that is being gained. We look forward to adding more correspondence courses in 2014.

To Take Discipleship Seriously

Through examining Scriptures and praying for the direction of THE PLACE, we have decided that we are not going to count success in the same way as many other churches. Many churches gauge their success with two numbers: attendance and offering. We are going to gauge our success through the mandate given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28. We will focus our attention to making disciples.

Last month we began taking people through “one on one” discipleship. These people meet for 45-60 minutes a week and go through a lesson with a “discipler”. There is a time for prayer and questions and accountability. Each one of these people will be challenged to take one person through the series of lessons once they reach the halfway mark. We will begin to live by this slogan, “Each one, Make one”. In other words, we need to be a disciple and we need to make a disciple. This simple truth will be the guiding light for our congregation.

This is just a little peek into a few of the changes we have seen as a congregation. The last four years has been an epic adventure as we’ve seen the small group of 12 people grow into a congregation of over 250. But, we know that this will only continue when we are financially wise leaders who are raising up disciples. When we take these attributes and build on the solid rock of Jesus, we are sure to have a “generational church” which will last for years to come! 

Pastor Greg

If you would like to see our newest sermon series, click here and find the banner “Your Church, My Church, Our Church”. Also, if you want to go through our video teaching of “Christianity 101”, click here and begin your journey with Jesus. Remember… God has an amazing plan for your life! Surrender everything to Him and great things are sure to follow. 

“Bullseye: What are You Aiming for In Life” Sermon Series

At THE PLACE we had a great time at THE PLACE answering the question, “What are you aiming for in life?” We take time to look at the “most important” things of life and examine the specific gifts and talents that have been given to you by God.

Take time to watch this series and you will see your life filled with a greater sense of purpose, destiny and calling.

Week One: Your Tents Toward Sodom 

Week Two: Your Life Spectacles

Week Three: The Arrow

Week Four: Focus

Week Five: The Release

We hope you enjoy these messages. For more from THE PLACE, tune in at or watch live every Sunday morning at 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a (AZ time) at

THE PLACE takes over old Tattoo Shop in Wickenburg

I am so excited to announce that THE PLACE is taking over the old tattoo shop at 854 West Wickenburg Way!

New Church OfficesNew Church Offices

This will become the new site of our church offices and the new home of “Logos Spiritual Library”. This Spiritual Library has thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, and more that are available for check out to those in the town. As a church we believe that the entire community should be shaped spiritually by our presence in it. Because of this, we can’t wait to finish renovations so that the library will have regular hours throughout the week. Check out some of the current photos.

Future Logos/Coffee-shop SiteFuture Logos/Coffee-shop Site
IMG_1694Future Logos/Coffee-shop Site
Future Kids Section of LogosFuture Kids Section of Logos
Future Office AreaFuture Office Area
Unfinished Offices in Rear of BuildingUnfinished Offices in Rear of Building    

Please continue to pray for us as we work hard to improve our community and shine the light of Jesus to the world! We are continuing to be good stewards with all that He brings us and leverage our resources for the Kingdom! We couldn’t do it without each of you!

Thank you for standing with us.


Former Suns Gorilla Preaching at THE PLACE in July 2013

THE PLACE is pleased to announce that nationally recognized speaker and former Phoenix Suns gorilla, Henry Rojas, will be speaking for two Sundays next month. Mr. Rojas will be speaking at all three of THE PLACE’s services, 830am, 945am or 1115am, for two weeks in a row – Sunday, July 7th and Sunday, July 14th.

Henry Rojas

Henry Rojas: Speaker, World Changer and Former Phoenix Suns Gorilla 

Growing up he was a class clown, a basketball fanatic and the baby of the family. Nearly all of his adult life he has been a dad and being a young dad matured him as he developed into a family counselor, teen mentor, Presbyterian youth pastor, American Baptist Associate Pastor, Missionary Alliance interim pastor and non-denominational preacher. He founded a non-profit ministry called Lifestories to prevent hurting families and teens from needing intrusive intervention. He was the Director of Christian Growth Services and Chaplain at Remuda Ranch.

Henry’s life will be featured in an upcoming ESPN documentary and he speaks to colleges, public schools, and keynote for conferences and retreats. He also meets privately with individuals seeking meaning in their own life story as a spiritual director. Henry says his richest achievement is learning to let God love him.

THE PLACE invites you out to see Henry Rojas and deepen your relationship with God. Learn more at their website .

THE PLACE has Sunday Services at 830a, 945a or 1115a

Henry Rojas will be speaking on July 7th and July 14th.

You’re Invited to a Candlelight Christmas

Christmas Eve Service

Come join THE PLACE as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in a special candlelight service.

The title of the night is “Storyline” and we will hear how the stories of so many different people tied into the ultimate storyline of God. In the same way that their stories tie in… your story does too. Come on out and see how!

Monday, December 24th

6pm or 8pm

864 West Wickenburg Way

For more information, email the church office at

Cooking Christmas Day 11

baked white spaghetti

Baked Spaghetti

Submitted by Casey Mason

2lb thin or regular spaghetti cooked

16 oz jar of alfredo sauce

16 oz tub of ricotta cheese

16 oz grated mozerella cheese

4 eggs

Mix all the ingredients together and place in 9×13 baking dish

Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1-1.5 hours

Cut into squares and serve with your favorite spaghetti sauce.

Cooking Christmas Day 9

Submitted by Betty Matiska
2 cups white sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp. soda
1 lb. raw peanuts
Boil sugar, corn syrup and water until it threads, add peanuts, boil until syrup looks golden brown. Stir in soda just befor removing from heat.  Pour onto buttered cookie sheets, spreading to one peanut thickness.  Sprinkle with salt.  Cool.