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Entire Book of Colossians from the Message Bible (audio)

OK ~ well we are finishing our ‘official’ series on the book of Colossians this week at THE PLACE. We’ve covered a different aspect of the character traits of a SIMPLE CHURCH, examining a different area each week. It has been a GREAT series that has spoken to me personally in many deep, profound ways. If you would like to hear any of the messages, feel free to check out our audio page at

Each week I’ve posted a different chapter that I’ve read from the MESSAGE BIBLE written by Eugene Peterson. These chapters have been mixed with some beautiful Mozart. I’m including these links in this blog ~ along with a very special compilation of the entire book of Colossians. I pray that the words of the Apostle Paul will be as riveting and life changing to you as they were to me. Enjoy!

Colossians Chapter 1

Colossians Chapter 2

Colossians Chapter 3

Colossians Chapter 4

Entire Book of Colossians

Let God’s Word be a light to your path! With Him, you’ll never fail!



Custom Made Audio for you ~ Colossians 3 (audio)

We are continuing our series called SIMPLE CHURCH and here is your audio mix of Colossians chapter 3.

I also want to remind you of the challenge that we are making one another. We want to read the ENTIRE book of Colossians (come on! it’s only 4 chapters 🙂 ) each week for four weeks. If you’d like to take that challenge and start right now, just click here and start reading.

Also, we hope to see you this weekend at THE PLACE. Our service times are Sat at 430p, and Sun at 9a and 1045a.

Or, if you live in a land far, far away… just watch us live online at…

Have a great day and we’ll see ya soon!

Join THE PLACE as we focus on the book of COLOSSIANS (audio)


That’s right my friends… for the next four weeks at THE PLACE we will be focusing on one book of the Bible and one book alone. This book is…


Each week we’ll be covering one chapter. Each week we’re going to challenge one another to read through all four chapters. This way, we would read this one book four times in a month. This will allow our spirits and minds ample opportunity to sit and meditate on the great truths found in the book. They will correlate with the sermon series we are doing called…


To help in this process, I am producing you your very own audio track to listen to. Maybe the idea of reading the Bible is too much for you right now. Well, all you have to do is click on the link below and listen to some great relaxing music and a chapter from the book of Colossians that was penned by the great Eugene Peterson’s THE MESSAGE BIBLE. And all this is only six minutes…

I want to encourage you… take six minutes, close your eyes and let the words from the Apostle Paul seep into your heart.

Click HERE to listen to Colossians Chapter 1.


p.s. You can also find this on our AUDIO MESSAGES page of the website