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THE PLACE Renovation in Full Swing (pics)

This week has been a whirlwind of activities at THE PLACE! We are in the middle of a renovation project and expanding the seating by 50%. It is an incredibly exciting time at the church and in the community of Wickenburg where we are located.

One of the main projects was the destruction of a half wall that broke the ‘sanctuary’ area up. With saws in hand, we drew first blood and declared that the wall’s time at THE PLACE had come to an end!



After the initial cuts, the wall went down very quick. Before we knew it there was a steady rain of drywall dust as we chopped the wall into pieces and began moving it out of the church forever!




With the wall out of the church, we were left with a large gap of concrete that we had to do something with. It’s a good thing Cruz knows a thing or two about tile because, before we knew it, that gap was gone and the floor was looking really good. In fact, for being a church that is in a bowling alley, I think that is was looking GREAT!






As you can see, the project is moving along nicely. Thank you so much for your support and the love that is being poured out for this project and for the direction of this church body. We have great momentum right now as we strive to fulfill the call of God in our community… and ultimately the world.

We couldn’t do this without you! Please continue to stand with us in prayer because we know that we are just getting started!


Sunday Service Times: 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a

Childcare at 9:45a and 11:15a. Spanish Translation at 11:15a (traducción al español at 11:15a)


New Chairs Arrive as THE PLACE Expands! (pics)

THE PLACE is growing by leaps and bounds and now we have seats to put people in! 50 new chairs arrived last night. 


Pastor Greg, Tara, and Ronni worked for about 3 hours putting all the chairs together. Screwdrivers, plastic and cardboard were flurrying around the sanctuary as the chairs took shape one by one. As they listened to worship music and shared life stories, the project slowly moved to completion and the place where they could look around and see the finished project…


The chairs arrived just in time for Easter Sunday! We start some serious renovation on the day after Easter, but until then there are plenty of seats for people to come together and worship the resurrection of Jesus. If you are in the Wickenburg/Phoenix area, come on out!


Sunday Service Times: 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a

Childcare at 9:45a and 11:15a. Spanish Translation at 11:15a (traducción al español at 11:15a)

What is the Church? (video)

CHURCH? What is it? Really… What does that word mean?

Is it a building? It is a place? Is it about steeples and songs and vision statements?

Or, is is about so much more?

The word ‘church’ in the New Testament is translated from the Greek word ‘ekklesia’ which comes from two words ‘ek’ meaning ‘out’ and ‘kaleo’ meaning to ‘call.’ An ekklesia or ‘calling out’ was not just an assembly. We are the church… His Body… living stones.

“What if we are not satisfied with GOING to church but strive to BECOME the church?”

What do you think?


TV Family #2: Follow the Follower (audio)

This is the message from the second week of our TV Family series at THE PLACE. Now that we have dug the foundation of family, we begin to examine the most important part… LEADERSHIP. And we uncover the harsh reality of leadership that if you want to lead, then you need to follow. In your life, who or what are you following. Allow yourself to be challenged as we dive in and commit to become a follower and call our family to ‘Follow the Follower’!

9/11… A Day to Honor Our Heroes (audio)

On Sunday, September 11, THE PLACE chose to pause and remember the event that affected our nation in a major way… September 11th. We took a look back at the victims and heroes of this memorable day and weaved a message about God’s call for all us to be Everyday Heroes today in the world in which we live. Take a moment to remember and to move towards becoming an everyday hero!

TV Family #5: The Culmination (audio)

This is the final message in our TV Family series at THE PLACE. For this message, we examine how the keys to a healthy family are more like a marathon instead of a sprint. We talk about how steady steps each day will get us closer and closer to the goals that we have of having a strong family that reflects the character and love of Christ.

TV Family #4: Flesh on Bone

Pastor Greg from THE PLACE will help us put flesh on the bones of family. In the past three messages, a foundation or structure has been laid. Now, in the first of the final two messages, we will begin to look at the practical application of God’s Word to our families. From plate spinning to mechanics working on used cars, we will look at practical life examples that illuminate the wonderful truths about family found in the word of God

TV Family #3: The Bomb Clean Up Crew… When everything blows up (audio)

THE PLACE‘s campus pastor, Jeremy Courliss, opens up God’s Word and takes a look at our reaction to life and family when it seems like everything is blowing up. You will enjoy his message as he goes through the steps of rebuilding after a natural disaster and how we can apply those same steps to our families.

TV Family #1: Cracked, Crumbling and Crooked (audio)

Join THE PLACE as we begin a brand new series all around the subject of FAMILY. We will be looking at TV FAMILY and for our first message, we will dig all the way to the foundation of what our family is built upon. From the little town of Mayberry and an encounter with Barney Fife to a man covered from head to toe with open sores, we will journey on this subject of foundation together.

Football Follies at THE PLACE for teens (video)

We have been having a blast with our newest series at THE PLACE for teens on Wednesday nights! (Jr. High from 630p – 800p and Sr. High from 700p – 8:45p) The series is called “The Gridiron” and we have been talking about football and relating it back to our walk with God. Each week is something different:

Week One: The Lockerroom ~ We talked about different things that we can find in the lockerroom and how they link back to life. (ex. Play book = Bible, Cleats = maneuvering around obstacles, etc.)

Week Two: The Coaches Corner ~ We opened up a discourse with Questions and Answers. The kids could ask ANYTHING (and they did) and then I was able to ask them some questions too.

Week Three: Huddle UP ~ This was last night and all of the teens were able to break up in groups and discuss with their group and some leaders what it means to walk with Christ in their school and among their friends. Great conversations took place! It was a blast!

Please continue to pray for these teens as they strive to live out their faith and impact the world in a very practical way.

Last night, we watched a video that CRACKED me up! Check it out ~

Much Love,