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TV Family #4: Flesh on Bone

Pastor Greg from THE PLACE will help us put flesh on the bones of family. In the past three messages, a foundation or structure has been laid. Now, in the first of the final two messages, we will begin to look at the practical application of God’s Word to our families. From plate spinning to mechanics working on used cars, we will look at practical life examples that illuminate the wonderful truths about family found in the word of God


TV Family #3: The Bomb Clean Up Crew… When everything blows up (audio)

THE PLACE‘s campus pastor, Jeremy Courliss, opens up God’s Word and takes a look at our reaction to life and family when it seems like everything is blowing up. You will enjoy his message as he goes through the steps of rebuilding after a natural disaster and how we can apply those same steps to our families.

TV Family #1: Cracked, Crumbling and Crooked (audio)

Join THE PLACE as we begin a brand new series all around the subject of FAMILY. We will be looking at TV FAMILY and for our first message, we will dig all the way to the foundation of what our family is built upon. From the little town of Mayberry and an encounter with Barney Fife to a man covered from head to toe with open sores, we will journey on this subject of foundation together.

Dancing in the Minefield ~ Embracing Life Amongst Difficulty Pt. 5 (audio)

This is the final message in our ‘Minefield’ series from THE PLACE. This is the culmination where we take all the principles that we’ve learned so far and use them to examine chapter four of the book of Philippians. We focus in on two verses where Paul stresses the importance of controlling those things which take place between your ears… your thoughts. We look at this subject from different angles and then watch a video which left many in tears.

Enjoy listening to this week’s message:

Father’s Day 2010 ~ Baseball and the Bible (Audio)

We had an amazing FATHER’S DAY at THE PLACE. Our message was called ‘Baseball and the Bible’ and we linked some different positions of baseball with our positions as fathers.

THE PITCHER ~ always has to judge each batter independently in the same way that fathers need to look at each of their children individually.

THE CATCHER ~ always aware of the entire field. As fathers we need to be aware of what is going on in our child’s life.

THE SHORTSTOP ~ always willing to cover the bases. As fathers, we need to stay flexible and be willing to do whatever is necessary.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as we examined some great baseball players from history and examined scriptures which challenge us, as fathers, to take our responsibilities seriously.

Also, you don’t want to miss an amazing story that takes place in the heart of Madrid as one father is completely taken by surprise from an ad he put out in the local newspaper.

To hear the message in its entirety, simply click here…


06.06.10 ~ SIMPLE CHURCH: prayer (audio)

Enjoy the fourth message in our SIMPLE CHURCH series from THE PLACE called ‘SIMPLE CHURCH: prayer’. You will be inspired as you hear the amazing testimonies of someone who had over 50,000 recorded answered prayers and a powerful minister who’s sanctuary was empty, but prayer room had 700 people strong. You don’t want to miss this message!