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“Bullseye: What are You Aiming for In Life” Sermon Series

At THE PLACE we had a great time at THE PLACE answering the question, “What are you aiming for in life?” We take time to look at the “most important” things of life and examine the specific gifts and talents that have been given to you by God.

Take time to watch this series and you will see your life filled with a greater sense of purpose, destiny and calling.

Week One: Your Tents Toward Sodom 

Week Two: Your Life Spectacles

Week Three: The Arrow

Week Four: Focus

Week Five: The Release

We hope you enjoy these messages. For more from THE PLACE, tune in at or watch live every Sunday morning at 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a (AZ time) at


Modern Day Martyr part 3

Most of you know that we live stream our services every Sunday on USTREAM, which also keeps a copy of the videos for the last 3 months or so.  Well, we’ve started putting together a higher quality version, which will be featured on our YouTube channel at  Here for your viewing pleasure is our first uploaded sermon video.

TV Family #2: Follow the Follower (audio)

This is the message from the second week of our TV Family series at THE PLACE. Now that we have dug the foundation of family, we begin to examine the most important part… LEADERSHIP. And we uncover the harsh reality of leadership that if you want to lead, then you need to follow. In your life, who or what are you following. Allow yourself to be challenged as we dive in and commit to become a follower and call our family to ‘Follow the Follower’!

9/11… A Day to Honor Our Heroes (audio)

On Sunday, September 11, THE PLACE chose to pause and remember the event that affected our nation in a major way… September 11th. We took a look back at the victims and heroes of this memorable day and weaved a message about God’s call for all us to be Everyday Heroes today in the world in which we live. Take a moment to remember and to move towards becoming an everyday hero!

TV Family #5: The Culmination (audio)

This is the final message in our TV Family series at THE PLACE. For this message, we examine how the keys to a healthy family are more like a marathon instead of a sprint. We talk about how steady steps each day will get us closer and closer to the goals that we have of having a strong family that reflects the character and love of Christ.

TV Family #4: Flesh on Bone

Pastor Greg from THE PLACE will help us put flesh on the bones of family. In the past three messages, a foundation or structure has been laid. Now, in the first of the final two messages, we will begin to look at the practical application of God’s Word to our families. From plate spinning to mechanics working on used cars, we will look at practical life examples that illuminate the wonderful truths about family found in the word of God

"A Hope Personified" Message

Partake in the final message from the summer series at THE PLACE entitled “A Hope Personified”. In this message we will take the previous week’s definition of HOPE and build on it as we take the hope that is given to us through Jesus and begin to pour this hope out into the word. The ominous words of “Hush Child, God Ain’t Dead” begin a discussion that moves from the final words of Jesus to the streets of Boston before the the American Revolution. You are sure to be touched by this message highlighting a subject that all of us need more of… HOPE.

Life, Money, Hope: 'A Hope Defined'

At THE PLACE we begin to look closely at the subject of HOPE. Many wonder how we can live in a place of HOPE when it seems like everything around us is crashing down. We watch the news or see the bills continuing to come in and sometimes don’t know how we are going to stay afloat. The wonderful news of the Bible is that Jesus came to give us hope. In this message we will be defining this word and examining it through the Bible. From Little League shut outs to beaten and bruised prisoners singing praise to God, you will leave this message uncovering the meaning of hope and discovering how to hold onto it in your life.

Life, Money, Hope Series: Life ~ Part One

Enjoy the first message in our new series at THE PLACE called “Life, Money, Hope”. Have you ever just felt like you were on the treadmill of life and your day to day activities made no difference to the world? Have you ever felt like your life lacked purpose or meaning? If so, this message is for you! It is the first in our Summer 2011 series and we begin to peel away the layers of life to expose its true meaning. We wrestle with thoughts from Nietzsche to Jesus and come face to face with the reality of our lives. This reality… to tap into the Living Water and allow that water to be poured out into the world.

Father's Day 2011 ~ Facing Fear and Achieving Greatness

We had a great Father’s Day service at THE PLACE. From 210 fathers losing their lives in a West Virginian mining disaster to the pen strokes of Richard Nixon, we look at the roots of Father’s Day and how it is a fairly new holiday. Then, we venture into the first chapter of Deuteronomy and the words of Moses to the Israelites. Everything from early morning prayer meetings to battered and bruised marathon runners are weaved together to give a perfect picture of living a full life with Christ.