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Job Openings at THE PLACE! Worship and Youth.

Hey Guys! We have some great news for those out there looking for some employment. THE PLACE Church in Wickenburg, AZ has some job openings for you to check out. These can be for you, your friends, or someone you know. We are looking for a talented musician to lead our congregation in worship each week and a dynamic youth leader. We are open to the option of this becoming one FT position if the skills and ability are there.

Now Hiring

So, here is a brief picture of how the job description starts:

Do you want to be part of an active and vibrant ministry that is alive, growing and impacting their community? We have seen our church, THE PLACE, grow from 12 people in a living room to 300 people in a community of around 7,000 in the last four years. We are looking for someone with a passion for worship, teenagers and adventure to join our staff. Are you that person? Send your resume to and let’s find out. 

So, here’s your opportunity. Check out the job descriptions below. If you think that you are a good fit, I want you to email your resume to and put in the “Subject Line” – “Resume for Job Opening at THE PLACE”. We will be sure to look at ALL our resumes and move forward from there.

Job Descriptions:

THE PLACE Church – Youth & Worship Arts job description FT

THE PLACE Church – Worship Leader job description

THE PLACE Church – Youth Leader Job description


Decisive Moments: 3 Recent Changes

Recently, at THE PLACE, we have made some changes that are proving to be decisive moments in our church body. They haven’t been major changes, but subtle shifts that have helped us make big decisions in the direction and future of the congregation. We believe that these decisions are Biblical and stand to help us follow the call of Jesus Christ in our community. Without any further ado, here are the changes and our commitments:

We are committed…

To Minimize Debt

We were recently at a crossroad where we could have taken on a significant amount a debt for a new facility. All the pieces were in place and the option was on the table, but there was an uneasiness in the hearts of the leaders to move forward. We made a decision that we are called to lead with the future in mind and, by stretching the congregation financially, we were putting the church on shaky ground.

We still believed that God could move and that God could do a miracle in the midst of that moment. But, we also knew that God had given us His principles throughout Scripture and His Holy Spirit to guide us. In that moment, we weren’t being guided to take on this debt. In fact, we were being guided to do just the opposite. We were being called to minimize debt, pray and watch God lead us to our next facility.

To Raise Up Leaders

We also saw the need for more leaders to be developed. This was two fold. On one end, we knew that we needed more leaders to do the work of the ministry. But, on the other end, we saw a hunger in the hearts of people to develop as leaders. We knew that we had to do something to “officially” teach and empower our church in the principles and concepts of Godly leadership. This led us into partnership with Portland Bible College.

We found a course entitled “Leading People” that was offered to be taught through lessons which were recorded during the actual classes at the college. In other words, we were able to offer “college level” courses to those interested in developing their leadership edge. We started this course last month and have received incredible feedback about the format and the wisdom that is being gained. We look forward to adding more correspondence courses in 2014.

To Take Discipleship Seriously

Through examining Scriptures and praying for the direction of THE PLACE, we have decided that we are not going to count success in the same way as many other churches. Many churches gauge their success with two numbers: attendance and offering. We are going to gauge our success through the mandate given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28. We will focus our attention to making disciples.

Last month we began taking people through “one on one” discipleship. These people meet for 45-60 minutes a week and go through a lesson with a “discipler”. There is a time for prayer and questions and accountability. Each one of these people will be challenged to take one person through the series of lessons once they reach the halfway mark. We will begin to live by this slogan, “Each one, Make one”. In other words, we need to be a disciple and we need to make a disciple. This simple truth will be the guiding light for our congregation.

This is just a little peek into a few of the changes we have seen as a congregation. The last four years has been an epic adventure as we’ve seen the small group of 12 people grow into a congregation of over 250. But, we know that this will only continue when we are financially wise leaders who are raising up disciples. When we take these attributes and build on the solid rock of Jesus, we are sure to have a “generational church” which will last for years to come! 

Pastor Greg

If you would like to see our newest sermon series, click here and find the banner “Your Church, My Church, Our Church”. Also, if you want to go through our video teaching of “Christianity 101”, click here and begin your journey with Jesus. Remember… God has an amazing plan for your life! Surrender everything to Him and great things are sure to follow. 

THE PLACE Renovation in Full Swing (pics)

This week has been a whirlwind of activities at THE PLACE! We are in the middle of a renovation project and expanding the seating by 50%. It is an incredibly exciting time at the church and in the community of Wickenburg where we are located.

One of the main projects was the destruction of a half wall that broke the ‘sanctuary’ area up. With saws in hand, we drew first blood and declared that the wall’s time at THE PLACE had come to an end!



After the initial cuts, the wall went down very quick. Before we knew it there was a steady rain of drywall dust as we chopped the wall into pieces and began moving it out of the church forever!




With the wall out of the church, we were left with a large gap of concrete that we had to do something with. It’s a good thing Cruz knows a thing or two about tile because, before we knew it, that gap was gone and the floor was looking really good. In fact, for being a church that is in a bowling alley, I think that is was looking GREAT!






As you can see, the project is moving along nicely. Thank you so much for your support and the love that is being poured out for this project and for the direction of this church body. We have great momentum right now as we strive to fulfill the call of God in our community… and ultimately the world.

We couldn’t do this without you! Please continue to stand with us in prayer because we know that we are just getting started!


Sunday Service Times: 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a

Childcare at 9:45a and 11:15a. Spanish Translation at 11:15a (traducción al español at 11:15a)

THE PLACE’s Church Bus is Taking the Maiden Voyage! (video)

Easter Sunday is only a day away and I am happy to say that “The Bus” is going to be taking its maiden voyage! That’s right, the bus that was given to THE PLACE will be picking up people for the Easter Sunday 11:15am service. This bus has been a miracle from the very beginning. Let me remind you from a video I cut in December of 2010 about how “The Bus” came to be…

Now, it is up, running and ready to rock! My prayer is that this is the first of many bus trips as we work hard to serve the needs of the community of Wickenburg. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom as He unfolds His plan for our church.

Much Love,


New Chairs Arrive as THE PLACE Expands! (pics)

THE PLACE is growing by leaps and bounds and now we have seats to put people in! 50 new chairs arrived last night. 


Pastor Greg, Tara, and Ronni worked for about 3 hours putting all the chairs together. Screwdrivers, plastic and cardboard were flurrying around the sanctuary as the chairs took shape one by one. As they listened to worship music and shared life stories, the project slowly moved to completion and the place where they could look around and see the finished project…


The chairs arrived just in time for Easter Sunday! We start some serious renovation on the day after Easter, but until then there are plenty of seats for people to come together and worship the resurrection of Jesus. If you are in the Wickenburg/Phoenix area, come on out!


Sunday Service Times: 8:30a, 9:45a or 11:15a

Childcare at 9:45a and 11:15a. Spanish Translation at 11:15a (traducción al español at 11:15a)

THE PLACE now speaks Spanish (Press Release)

THE PLACE now speaks Spanish!

THE PLACE is so happy to announce that they are now a bilingual church, offering translation from English to Spanish at their 10:45a services on Sunday mornings. “I heard stories of how non English speaking Wickenburg residents had to drive over 40 miles just to go to church to learn more about Jesus and decided that THE PLACE was going to be part of the solution. We already had bilingual individuals in the congregation, so we simply purchased a new translation system and prepared the congregation for the upcoming transition” said Lead Pastor Greg Hintz.

When a predominately Spanish speaking individual comes to the church’s 10:45am service, they are greeted by someone who speaks Spanish who will explain the system to them and gives them a headset. This headset is then worn during the service while a translator translates the service into a microphone which is sent to the ears of those who are wearing the system. In this way, everyone in the congregation is able to hear the same message and share in the worship experience together.

“THE PLACE is in this community to serve the needs of all the residents and we are so excited about this amazing opportunity. We are here to share about the grace and unifying love of Jesus and we have our arms open to all of our fellow Wickenburgers” said Pastor Hintz. “This is just the beginning of a riveting ten month plan that we are undertaking. Just wait and see what’s next!”

All English and Spanish speaking individuals are invited to THE PLACE. They have Sunday services at 9:00am and 10:45am. Spanish translation is available at the 10:45am service. You can find out more about this Christian Community at .

Vision Casting for next 10 months at THE PLACE

Take 10 minutes to hear the vision for the next 10 months at THE PLACE.


JAMES: A Genuine Faith (Chapter 1)

We start our journey into our new series called “James: A Genuine Faith” at THE PLACE. For the next six weeks we will be taking a journey through the book of James; each week delving deeply into another chapter. In this opening message we hear the hard words of James as he talks about our reactions to trials that enter into our lives. We take a close look at our personal lives and a humorous look into the lives of some others. We end up at the end of James 1 ~ looking into the mirror of God’s Word. You are sure to enjoy this message as you are challenged and encouraged to live your life for God.

Live 1 Life: Rescuing Child Sex Slaves

In this second message of our “Live 1 Life” series at THE PLACE, we welcome the President of Streetlight PHX, Pat McCalla, to share about the rescue of child sex slaves in Phoenix, AZ. From hilarious real life examples of his struggles with patience to heart wrenching statistics of the immensity of the problem, you are sure to be sitting on the edge of your seat as you listen to this message. In additon to Pat’s sharing, he brought a close friend with him who was rescued from the sex trade industry. You will hear her story in this message also. If you want to support Streetlight PHX financially, you can do that here. Enjoy!

THE PLACE has been given A BUS! (video)

We are so excited about the recent miracle at THE PLACE. We have been given a 2005 13 passenger bus. I can’t stop giving God glory for His amazing miracles. I never thought that I would see so many miracles happen in my lifetime. I am humbled and so honored to serve a risen King! If you want to hear the story and check out the bus, you can see it here…

Please continue to pray for us as we attempt to minister to the community of Wickenburg.