Lead Pastor: Greg Hintz

Greg and his wife Tara have been in ministry together for over a decade. They started in 1999, working in a homeless shelter, playing music during church services and feeding the hungry right after the service. Then they began ministering to children as Greg took a position as a Director of Youth and Family Ministries/Office Administrator at a non-denominational church in Lorain, Ohio. After a brief hyatus selling real estate, Greg decided to reenter ministry and took a job in Arizona. This is where God planted a vision in his heart to plant a church. This church is called THE PLACE and can be watched from anywhere in the world at www.ustream.tv/theplaceaz.

Greg works full time in ministry reaching out in the city of Wickenburg and teaches at a local clinic working with patients who struggle with eating disorders. He also has a passion for the needy and works tirelessly to assure that the many needs of the community are being met. Tara works hard in the ministry and loves being a mother and raising her three wonderful boys ~ Dylan, Zion and Xander. She is also actively involved in the local chapter of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and reaching the women of Wickenburg, Arizona.

“We believe in the Gospel of Jesus and that His purpose for our lives is to do something great. We’re swinging for the fences! We have a firm persuasion that God gives each of us the power to change the world ~ we simply need to do it. Today, you can become a world changer. Like a wise man once said, ‘Become the change that you want to see in the world.’ Don’t wait for somebody else! You do it and you do it today.” Greg Hintz

  1. noel a light bearer

    dear greg
    if you get a chance PLEASE email me
    i am looking for full time ministry
    i only wish to serve the Lord
    but i have low self esteem
    i am a monk hermit seeker not all at once but that pretty much describes
    what music do you play
    i love your blog
    make contact with me man
    i live in ireland

  2. bob woodward

    do you have reguler sunday services?

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