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Happy Birthday to The Daniel Plan! by Shellie Loughry

Yes! THE PLACE Daniel Plan was born at the end of April 2014! It is 1 year old now and started out strong, remained strong, and is now stronger than ever!

During the last year we have seen many life changes being made, some small and some HUGE! But that is the glory of The Daniel you do not have to change over night, you can start out with baby steps making simple little changes or you can take it by storm and make changes by leaps and bounds! It is all up to each individual!

The Daniel Plan was sparked at THE PLACE by one individual that wanted to make one little change in their life, and that was to become healthy. That individuals spark to change spread like wildfire to others who all wanted the same thing, to become healthy, and that my friends is how The Daniel Plan at THE PLACE was born and still sparking others from all around THE PLACE Church and in our community!

The funny thing is that is pretty much how it all started with Pastor Rick Warren and his congregation! Check out his story:

During an afternoon of baptizing over 800 people, Pastor Rick Warren realized it was time for change. He told his congregation he needed to lose weight and asked if anyone wanted to join him. He thought maybe 200 people would sign up, instead he witnessed a movement unfold as 15,000 people lost over 260,000 pounds in the first year. With assistance from medical and fitness experts, Pastor Rick and thousands of people began a journey to transform their lives.

Here’s the secret sauce: The Daniel Plan is designed to be done in a supportive community relying on God’s instruction for living.

Amazing Story by Rick Warren author of The Daniel Plan! Although THE PLACE is a much smaller church than Rick Warrens church, it is wonderful to know that we have very similar stories! Read more here!

THE PLACE Daniel Plan just wrapped up their 4th Season! Yes! What an amazing season this has been! We have several people that have lost weight, become far more healthier than they could ever imagine, and have accomplished things that they never thought possible!

The Daniel Plan is even more than all that, it is also about the friendships that are made and the happiness that is shared when one accomplishes something, or the tears that are shed when one needs love and support.

During this 4th season of The Daniel Plan there are two major accomplishments we would like to share with you and here they are!

‘Guess what I have lost over 50 lbs!’ Congratulations Craig Melfi you are an amazing inspiration to each of us!

‘Oh My Goodness I DID IT! I ran my first 5K and did it in 38:28 minutes, my goal was under 40 minutes and I  finished 82 in a pack 168, at a pace of 12:23! This was a major ceiling buster for me. As Pastor Greg has said ‘the high is the doing of it.’ Boy do I have a high! I must say I thank GOD for being there and providing friends like Craig, and Pastor Greg, and the Daniel Plan friends. WE all say it but in my case it’s true IF I CAN DO IT…. SO CAN YOU! So get off the side lines and come join us, the pain is overcome by the joy and high you WILL recieve!’ Wow Congratulations Roy Fegley! You are Amazing!

So as you can see the Daniel Plan is going strong. It did wrap up a 4th Season and will be starting Season 5 very soon! Ask yourself am I ready to make a change and am I ready to accomplish something amazing! If you are then please stop by the Information Center and we would love to get you started on your journey to great health.

Remember you can do all things through Christ who will strengthen you! Welcome to The Daniel Plan!


Dream Again by Moses Lugemye

Dream again sermon title

We were on a bus ride between a couple of towns in Uganda when my wife Erica and our 4-year-old daughter started playing the, “I see,” game. They would take turns describing what they saw outside their window. Naturally, the adults described the beautiful trees and hills they saw. When Téa’s turn came, she came up with some pretty funny things that had us howling with laughter. My favorite was when she said, “I see a tiger doing push-ups.” Our minds have an almost endless ability to take what we know, augment it, and come up with amazing new things! We see this most clearly demonstrated in children and those few fortunate adults who remain dreamers. Most adults, however, have lost this most awesome of gifts because society frowns upon the impractical and celebrates those who conform to the ideas widely accepted by all! Only when an idea becomes a success are dreamers truly celebrated!

Jesus recognized the value of this God-given ability to see beyond what is, to what can be when he declared:

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Luke 18:16-17 (NIV)

In order to do what God calls us to do we need to see our surroundings not simply as they are but as they could be. While speaking to Jeremiah, God said,

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew [a] you, before you were        born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet   to the nations.”  Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)

This indicates the great prophet was preceded by a thought in the great mind of the Creator! Because we are created in the image of God we have this ability, which is most clearly seen in children.  As adults though, with the help of a God, we can tap into His limitless strength to make these dreams come true!

Of course, this doesn’t apply to every crazy thing our minds can conjure up! Everything is ultimately subject to God’s heart. Just like I won’t help my children with a project that would harm themselves and others, God will not help us accomplish selfish dreams.

When we subject our lives to the Creator, we are free to dream big because in the fulfillment of our God-centered dreams others too can find joy.

A great example of this is Joseph. In Genesis 37, he had dreams of being a leader. While that dream greatly benefited him, his family and nation were saved because his dream was fulfilled. Hannah, in 1 Samuel, dreamed of a son. God gave her Samuel who brought joy not only to her, but also to countless others. When we dare to pursue our dream under the leading of our Creator, we are not only blessed but we become a blessing.

What is it in your life that makes you come alive? How can that passion help someone else? It may not be directly. Joseph became second in command in a foreign nation, which led to his family finding refuge there. You may build a great business and use your resources to advance God’s kingdom by going and/or sending others to go! Today I challenge you to reach the deep recesses of your heart and unwrap the silent hopes, give them to the consummate Dreamer, and together build real castles in the sands of everyday life!