Community Group Launches TONIGHT!

I am so excited about the launch of our community group tonight at 7p. We are so blessed to have the greatest community of people at THE PLACE and Tara and I can’t wait to spend some more time with them. Our group will be spending the next couple months examining the book of John. We are using a great resource called THE VISUAL BIBLE which is a verse by verse visual depiction of the actual Bible.

The Place secondary logo color 2

Everyone is invited and we can’t wait to fill our house with people who are searching after God and are willing to stand with one another on the journey. We want you to know that you are invited if you are in the Wickenburg or surrounding areas, feel free to drop me an email at We’d be honored to have you there!

See ya!


About theplaceaz

The Place is a non-denominational Christian community centered on the faith, love and hope of Jesus Christ. Many wonder about the name and why 'The Place' was chosen to be the representative title of this community. 'The Place' is actually the English translation for the Hebrew name of God ~ "Ha'Makom". Through further study into this name, we began to understand that God is in all places at all times (omnipresent), but still has the ability to inhabit a single place. And not to be 'in' or 'at' a place, but He actually becomes THE PLACE. If we talk about a PLACE of an object, we are talking about that which underlies it and supports it. As we built this ministry, our goal was that we would be that place ~ the place where God would come and underlie and support... the place where His omnipresence would become present. We are a simple community who would rather do a few things great, then a lot of things mediocre. With this in mind, we've narrowed the entire vision of the ministry into three simple words ~ Faith, Hope and Love.

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